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Easter is coming

As a child, I enjoyed the Easter time so much! My Mom was painting Easter eggs with us and decorated the house. The search for the nests was like a challenge for my siblings and I, every year it was about who finds his first, it was incredibly fun to go on the hunt and explore. I’m looking forward to celebrate Eastern this year with Lola. Here is what we are going to do and what will be in the nests.


Living in the Stuttgart Heusteig district – the city life with a child

OH LA LA MAMA visited Tine, Flo and her two-year-old daughter, Ilvy. It wasn't only about checking their appartment out, we also wanted to know about their life in Stuttgart with a child and how their lives as parents changed. Read on and learn more about this sympathetic three and sometimes even four-headed family.


The best thing about a picture?

Already Andy Warhol said that: “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” Almost every day, I am capturing many life moments On my smartphone and my camera's memory card. But only some of them transform into an actual photo, which we can then hold in our hands. Every once in a while I take some time to look through the computer and to create a folder with the most beautiful memories. After that, I only have to figure out, where I would let these snapshots be developed, and I quickly realized that CHEERZ was probably the best option.

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Guest contribution by Paula:

Every mum knows that all beginnings are hard. Your whole life changes and takes a new direction, and everything accelerates from 0 to 100. Already during the pregnancy, in 2014, I started to get into the baby topic, I think I have looked for 20 weeks at all kinds of different strollers until I could choose one. I have informed myself about cotton diapers and of course about baby carriers. However, I did not know about each and every important item yet. I received from friends an elastic baby sling and borrowed a tightly woven scarf. How exactly I would carry my child in there did not interest me at that time. I thought, somehow, with the help of videos from the Internet, I was going to make it.

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“I also want to cook!”

Lola likes to take part in everything we do, she is not happy if she only is spectator. She always wants to help in my activities, even when I cook. To begin with I had trouble to let her take part, because the kitchen only looked worse than it already did. Fortunately I quickly realized that if I include her in the work we both have lots of fun together, I can teach her many things and she is actually helping me in getting the work done.

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Guest contribution by Silvia:
A day in the life of Emmi & Pepe

Once we knew that we were expecting twins, it was clear that our lives would change quite a bit. I had been working at the university in Friedrichshafen until that time, and with Benni we used to spend days and evenings at the lake, as he is a triathlete and water enthousiast. Since the birth of the twins, the four of us are enjoying our free time as a crew and see the world from a different perspective, an exciting, wild and slightly careless perspective.

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Four wins

Since we've found out that two little hearts beat in my belly, we have had to change addresses, moved twice, and noticed many wondrous transformations in ourselves and our environment. This is probably the case if you allowed to get to know two small miracles, which we now accompany ... and they us. The miracle of having two little souls joining us in this world.

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“The person you have called is temporarily not available”

The worst moment in my life was definitely when my child had a respiratory breath-holding spell. I did not know about it before it happened and so far I have not met any other mother who had to experience such a thing.


Every child can learn to sleep through? It ain’t that easy!

“When your child gets older, you will get more sleep again!” I have often heard this sentence and can’t help asking myself when is it going to happen exactly! And when she will be a teenager, I won't sleep much better because I will worry a lot I guess.


Perfect match in love and profession!

A young family from New Zealand. Candice and Nick are living and working together. They founded their own production company Cadre Productions. Today OH LA LA MAMA is going to tell you a few things about their life!