A second-hand shopping paradise for him and her, where even children love to go!

Es handelt es sich um keinen gewöhnlichen Second-Hand-Laden, dieser Laden hat Boutiquecharakter mit bester Beratung. Etwas außerhalb vom Stadtkern von Schorndorf findet man Kleider & Schrank, äußerst stylisch und einladend und ganz und gar nicht wie man sonst Second-Hand-Läden kennt.


Oh how beautiful Klitmøller is!

This year again we went to Denmark in September. After so many trips to Klitmøller, this little fishermen’s village, which is also a surfers’ paradise, became a little bit like home. The north sea constantly brings wind and waves, making the conditions perfect for the water enthousiasts, and that’s why Klitmøller hosts a windsurfing worldtour event.

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Four holidays as a family of three

At this time of year, when it is cold and rainy outside, you feel like looking back at those summer holiday memories.

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“Der mobile Fotosalon” of Vienna

If you are looking for a special photo of you and your family, then you should sign up for the next shooting event of “Der mobile Fotosalon“.


Guest author Thomas:
Traveler Dad

Traveler Dad won’t feel homesick anymore!

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Are you looking for a special and timeless present for a birth, baptism or for other occasions? Then Keytoe is the right address for you!

Keytoe creates high-quality and unique products on Mauï.

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Is it possible to travel the whole world with kids? This family of four proves it with their very unusual travel destinations!

Have you been to the Christmas Islands or to Palau? Have you thought about paddling with a stand-up paddle board along the Nile? Carine Camboulives and her husband Manu Bouvet travel to rather unusual destinations with their two daughters Lou and Shadé, since their first months of age. They have never regretted this, quite the contrary!


Haiku’s Flower Festival – an event for the whole family!

If you are on Mauï, keep your eyes open for festivals. Usually, every weekend some family event takes place at a location somewhere. Haiku’s Flower Festival is the place to be for all flower-, plant- and food lovers out there.

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Briana and her Ohana

In the cute movie “Lilo and Stitch” Lilo tells her friend Stitch the following: “Ohana means family. Family means that all stick together and are there for one another.” Hawaiians and of course also this adorable family share exactly this attitude.


Our top four purchases on Mauï

We all agree on one thing: The best memories can’t be bought with money. But some souvenirs are just necessary! We could not resist the following products.