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Yep, it’s growing! The gardeners of tomorrow!

We love spending time outside and are lucky enough to have our own garden, which has a lot to offer. We like to take time with our daughter to watch everything that crawls and creeps, and explore the nature around us… and we thought It was time to create a little garden for her.

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The best doll mummy in the world

Most of us remember their first doll. I still have exactly in mind how she looked, how she was called and how much fun I had with her. There should be a doll in any children's room I think, and playing with dolls is of course not a question of sex!

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Easter is coming

As a child, I enjoyed the Easter time so much! My Mom was painting Easter eggs with us and decorated the house. The search for the nests was like a challenge for my siblings and I, every year it was about who finds his first, it was incredibly fun to go on the hunt and explore. I’m looking forward to celebrate Eastern this year with Lola. Here is what we are going to do and what will be in the nests.

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“I also want to cook!”

Lola likes to take part in everything we do, she is not happy if she only is spectator. She always wants to help in my activities, even when I cook. To begin with I had trouble to let her take part, because the kitchen only looked worse than it already did. Fortunately I quickly realized that if I include her in the work we both have lots of fun together, I can teach her many things and she is actually helping me in getting the work done.

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“The person you have called is temporarily not available”

The worst moment in my life was definitely when my child had a respiratory breath-holding spell. I did not know about it before it happened and so far I have not met any other mother who had to experience such a thing.


Every child can learn to sleep through? It ain’t that easy!

“When your child gets older, you will get more sleep again!” I have often heard this sentence and can’t help asking myself when is it going to happen exactly! And when she will be a teenager, I won't sleep much better because I will worry a lot I guess.



She grew up so fast. My little girl stands with both legs firmly in this world and knows exactly what she wants. And for her birthday, she certainly wanted a party with her family and friends.


The goodness of nature

We all want our kids to be and stay healthy. How should we prevent diseases and what can we do when we are ill?

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A little insight into our eating habits

He likes breast milk best, after that comes everything else which he can hold in his hands and put into his mouth by himself.

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Times goes by, our life is dominated by chaos

Since the birth of our little boy, chaos has slowly started to dominate our life. But to be honest, I could not live without this chaos anymore.