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Mama, I’m packing my suitcase alone!

A new trip was ahead, so it was time again to pack our bags. For Lola, the adventure alreadystarted at home: She now has her own luggage and got very excited about packing her suitcase!

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Goodbye disposable diapers! Let’s try it with cloth diapers!

Looking at the garbage dumps, which are caused by disposable diapers, I have always faced the decision either to continue with disposable diapers or to try the cloth diapers. Lola is now clean during the day and therefore I thought that it would be the perfect time to check out the cloth diapers.

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An underwear dream for little robber’s daughter and pirates- an ideal allrounder for the whole year!

The sensible skin of babies and toddlers need comfortable and high-quality underwear - the label Emil and Gustav not only ensures that, it also keeps their little bellies covered.


Where is the dummy again?

That moment when your child needs his pacifie but you can not find it. We all know that. Ido not want to think about how many pacifiers we have bought since Lola was born. Either they disappear mysteriously or she chews on them and they slowly get destroyed. I can't do much against the chewing, but against the loss we needed a pacifier chain. I was looking for a nice chain when I discovered the brand Bella Jane.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The 14th of May is Mother's Day, and I wanted to share a few gift ideas with you. I love them all, and there might be something for you!

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Delicious “käsespätzle“, an absolute classic from the south of Germany

With these cold temperatures that still prevail in Germany at the moment, you can easily imagine hearty dishes. In theory “käsespätzle” should be cooked for lunch, but also make a great dinner. They are a very typical dish and the preparation is quick and easy. Here is the recipe!

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The best doll mummy in the world

Most of us remember their first doll. I still have exactly in mind how she looked, how she was called and how much fun I had with her. There should be a doll in any children's room I think, and playing with dolls is of course not a question of sex!


The best thing about a picture?

Already Andy Warhol said that: “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” Almost every day, I am capturing many life moments On my smartphone and my camera's memory card. But only some of them transform into an actual photo, which we can then hold in our hands. Every once in a while I take some time to look through the computer and to create a folder with the most beautiful memories. After that, I only have to figure out, where I would let these snapshots be developed, and I quickly realized that CHEERZ was probably the best option.

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Kleine Prints – A beautiful photobook for the little ones

When I read the portrait about Eva Malawska on the blog little years, I heard about her company kleine Prints the first time. She makes among other things photobooks for babies, toddlers and children. I was instantly impressed with the design and had to get one for Lola. Said and done!


Snack Attack

We spend a lot of time on the road and of course we usually bring along all kind of things. We always need diapers, moisturizing towels and the favorite cuddly animals, but also food and drinks. To keep these goods nice and fresh it is actually important to pack and transport them easily… and that’s what (good!) bags are made for!