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“For me this miracle is the best thing that happened in my life. And fortunately already twice!”

Femke and Klaas have been a couple for 15 years, and a few years ago they became parents for the first time, now even for the second time. They enjoy to live with their boys in Hamburg, but are also looking forward to their own house with garden and proximity to the water and beach on the Kieler Ostufer, which they bought recently, and to which they are moving next spring.

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Every road leads to the beach !

We are lucky enough to live on the island of Oleron, 500m away from the ocean, right next to a forest. For our holidays, we travel searching wind and waves!

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Mama, I’m packing my suitcase alone!

A new trip was ahead, so it was time again to pack our bags. For Lola, the adventure alreadystarted at home: She now has her own luggage and got very excited about packing her suitcase!


4 at home, a new life

“The most important for me is to be with my family and enjoy every moment the four of us can spend together because time passes all too quickly!”

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Time flies by, so we celebrate as often as possible.

The first birthday! He is probably more important to us parents than to our one-year-old kids. We want to arrange the perfect birthday for them – however they would have it anyway as long as they are with their loved ones. The family and our friends should celebrate this day twice with our little man.

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Yep, it’s growing! The gardeners of tomorrow!

We love spending time outside and are lucky enough to have our own garden, which has a lot to offer. We like to take time with our daughter to watch everything that crawls and creeps, and explore the nature around us… and we thought It was time to create a little garden for her.

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Goodbye disposable diapers! Let’s try it with cloth diapers!

Looking at the garbage dumps, which are caused by disposable diapers, I have always faced the decision either to continue with disposable diapers or to try the cloth diapers. Lola is now clean during the day and therefore I thought that it would be the perfect time to check out the cloth diapers.


A second-hand shopping paradise for him and her, where even children love to go!

Es handelt es sich um keinen gewöhnlichen Second-Hand-Laden, dieser Laden hat Boutiquecharakter mit bester Beratung. Etwas außerhalb vom Stadtkern von Schorndorf findet man Kleider & Schrank, äußerst stylisch und einladend und ganz und gar nicht wie man sonst Second-Hand-Läden kennt.

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An underwear dream for little robber’s daughter and pirates- an ideal allrounder for the whole year!

The sensible skin of babies and toddlers need comfortable and high-quality underwear - the label Emil and Gustav not only ensures that, it also keeps their little bellies covered.


Home is a retreat – home means to arrive

This family feels comfortable when it is not too cluttered – Not too much things hanging on the walls and not too much color. Lori likes to keep the appartment clean and organized. Sometimes, however, a little bit of a mess is ok, even if there is somebody coming for a visit- thanks to her daughter Merle she became more relaxed, because time is running too fast, she prefers to do something with her.

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Stuttgart is home – “We feel good here, that’s where we want to stay.”

I've known Flo for a long time - unfortunately, we had lost contact. When I heard that he had a daughter, I thought I finally had a good reason to visit him and his family in Stuttgart. In the interview, they tell us about their parental leave, their needs and what they prefer to do when they have time.


Where is the dummy again?

That moment when your child needs his pacifie but you can not find it. We all know that. Ido not want to think about how many pacifiers we have bought since Lola was born. Either they disappear mysteriously or she chews on them and they slowly get destroyed. I can't do much against the chewing, but against the loss we needed a pacifier chain. I was looking for a nice chain when I discovered the brand Bella Jane.


“Survival trick? Say good-bye to perfection!”

When we visited the small family in Stuttgart, I realized immediately that I wanted to portray them after the Homestory. We chose a sunny day and met again in Stuttgart, in the heart of the city that Flo loves to ride on his BMX. Read more here!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The 14th of May is Mother's Day, and I wanted to share a few gift ideas with you. I love them all, and there might be something for you!

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Delicious “käsespätzle“, an absolute classic from the south of Germany

With these cold temperatures that still prevail in Germany at the moment, you can easily imagine hearty dishes. In theory “käsespätzle” should be cooked for lunch, but also make a great dinner. They are a very typical dish and the preparation is quick and easy. Here is the recipe!

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Guest contribution by Grandpa Reiner:
Little miss sunshine

It’s indeed something special to have a grandchild.


The wilderness family

Margot, 24 years old, shares her life with Thomas, who is 25. They have three children, Hyacinthe (5), Gaspard( 3) and Maïa (18 months). None of them are going to school and they grow up free on their farm and in the fields where they grow organic products.

Margot, 24 ans, elle partage sa vie avec Thomas qui a 25 ans. Ils ont trois enfants, Hyacinthe cinq ans, Gaspard trois ans et Maïa 18 mois. Aucun ne va a l'école et ils grandissent librement au milieu de la ferme et des champs qu'ils cultivent en agriculture bio.

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The best doll mummy in the world

Most of us remember their first doll. I still have exactly in mind how she looked, how she was called and how much fun I had with her. There should be a doll in any children's room I think, and playing with dolls is of course not a question of sex!

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Easter is coming

As a child, I enjoyed the Easter time so much! My Mom was painting Easter eggs with us and decorated the house. The search for the nests was like a challenge for my siblings and I, every year it was about who finds his first, it was incredibly fun to go on the hunt and explore. I’m looking forward to celebrate Eastern this year with Lola. Here is what we are going to do and what will be in the nests.


Living in the Stuttgart Heusteig district – the city life with a child

OH LA LA MAMA visited Tine, Flo and her two-year-old daughter, Ilvy. It wasn't only about checking their appartment out, we also wanted to know about their life in Stuttgart with a child and how their lives as parents changed. Read on and learn more about this sympathetic three and sometimes even four-headed family.

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