A new trip was ahead, so it was time again to pack our bags. For Lola, the adventure alreadystarted at home: She now has her own luggage and got very excited about packing her suitcase!

How many times have I heard that the time passes too fast..! It’s true. Not long ago Lola was wearing little bodysuits and could not even turn around alone, and now she stands in front of me with her two and a half years and packs her own travel bag! This age is beautiful, but it can also bring us both to the edge: I often realize that I want to help her prematurely and she always reminds me that she wants to do it alone. and a lot of times I just have to let it go and accept that I am not the only one who knows what is “right”. For example Lola knows exactly where her toys belong in the suitcase and what must and must not travel with us.

So I figured I’d let her grab her trolley by herself and only add a few things at the end-ideally when she was not around. Since I pack her clothes into my travel bag, only her favorite toys, spare clothes and emergency diaries have to fit in her trolley and she somehow settled herself in a short time.

The trolley has not only a really cool design, it is also easy to use, and quickly emerged as a new toy itself! It was just too much fun for Lola to open and close, to put things in and out and carry the bag around. We finally went on our trip, but the suitcase stayed with us the whole time: even though it is still a little too big for Lola she could not imagine leaving it in a corner of the room and even asked to take it to the beach several times … I had to convince her that a smaller bag would be a better choice to go around!

Children love routine and such a trip always brings in unusual situations, which one has to adjust to. I think that one of the best way to do this is having familiar favorite things such as stuffed animals, a blanket or a favorite book. And if these things can be carried in your kid’s own luggage, then the holidays might be even better!

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