We love spending time outside and are lucky enough to have our own garden, which has a lot to offer. We like to take time with our daughter to watch everything that crawls and creeps, and explore the nature around us… and we thought It was time to create a little garden for her.

To be a real gardener, Lola had to have some equipment, too. We went to the shop and got everything we needed: gardening gloves, shovels, tomato plants, strawberry plants, and some garden herbs. I did not want to get too much for the first time: next year I think that we will start by planting seeds and add some veggies and fruit trees to our garden, but for the beginning, this should be enough.

For Lola, the garden is a true development space. All senses are encouraged: It’s not just about touching, but also smelling at everything which smells good, observing the marvelous worms, snails and beetles creeping around and looking at ladybugs, dragonflies, and bees while flying. Once we found the perfect place, we were ready to start buiding. Lola watched me closely while I did the construction and then, together with her cousin, she helped putting the plants into the ground. More than anything else she enjoyed putting her little hands in the wet earth. She loves water, like all children, so the absolute highlight is to water her plants every evening.

She ate already the first strawberries, now we wait for the little tomatoes, which should be ready really soon! Happy children, are the ones who can dig with their little hands in the earth and play with water. If you do not have your own garden, you can do the same on a balcony, or ask the grand parents or good friends to borrow you a small part of their garden!