That moment when your child needs his pacifie but you can not find it. We all know that. Ido not want to think about how many pacifiers we have bought since Lola was born. Either they disappear mysteriously or she chews on them and they slowly get destroyed. I can’t do much against the chewing, but against the loss we needed a pacifier chain. I was looking for a nice chain when I discovered the brand Bella Jane.

The two young moms behind Bella Jane create chic and durable products for moms and children. Their range of products goes from pacifier chains to teething rings and jewelery chains for kids and adults. Pacifier chains are just great, children can no longer drop their pacifier and can always find it easily  The jewelery made of silicone pearls got my attention. The colors are beautiful and you can also create your custom-made items.  On top of lasting forever the pearls can also be washed with warm water at any time. I ordered some and I also chose a chain for me and one for Lola, so when the package arrived, we were both excited and had to try the chains immediately. We now store everything in the included linen bag, easy!

Lola doesn’t have to worry anymore about looking for her pacifier, and she is proud to show her chain to anyone who runs her way! We hope we get rid of the pacifier slowly after the summer and then she can suck on her chain as a replacement to the pacifier!