This family feels comfortable when it is not too cluttered – Not too much things hanging on the walls and not too much color. Lori likes to keep the appartment clean and organized. Sometimes, however, a little bit of a mess is ok, even if there is somebody coming for a visit thanks to her daughter Merle she became more relaxed, because time is running too fast, she prefers to do something with her. 

On a sunny day in April in the west of Stuttgart, this family opened the doors of their appartment to us – and the Homestory could begin. Lori actually comes from the Palatinate and studied at the pedagogical university in Heidelberg. Her traineeship took her to Esslingen and she got to know Stuttgart by going out. She decided, together with a study colleague, to settle in the West of Stuttgart. Six years ago, she moved into this appartment and as it was large enough, Flo moved in three years ago.
Their style of living is Scandinavian, bright and comfortable – lots of white, lots of wood and a few color spots here and there. The paintings in the living room were created by Lori herself. During her studies, she had art classes and painted a lot at that time – she has always  the objectless, been into experimental painting, unfortunately since she has a family she takes little time for painting.

The apartment has already changed through Flo, but when Merle came, space had to be created for chaos. In the beginning, of course, the living room was their main living area. Since a while, Merle has her own room and 90% of the objects are hers. The bedroom is beautifully decorated and would please any child’. When you enter the apartment, you stand in the small, but fine corridor. On the right is Merle’s room, then the bathroom, and the kitchen is on the left. Straight ahead you enter the cozy living room from where you have acces to the bedroom. The corridor also serves as a dining room, this is where we sat to have coffee and cake, already a good start.

OH LA LA MAMA: Dear Lori, please tell us more about Flo and you!
Lori: “We met in September 2013, while partying at 5:00 in the morning in the Kellerclub in Stuttgart. I actually wanted to go home earlier, but my friend managed to convince me to go to this club. Flo rarely goes there and only went because of a friend, like me, and then we ran into each other in the smoking area across the way, although I did not smoke. I talked to him because of his T-shirt, it had a weapon on it and this is how we started to discuss. The next day we met again and so began our story.”   

OH LA LA MAMA: What do you love about Stuttgart West? Would you like to move into another quarter?
Lori: “We would like to stay in the West, it is actually like a small village, you have the organic supermarket, vegetables shops, the bakery, many playgrounds, everyone knows everyone and it is also pretty green. You have the adventure playground West where you can go with your child. We like our neighborhood and our appartment, but it would also be nice to have a large old apartment with high ceilings, fishgret parquet, wing doors for not much money.”

OH LA LA MAMA: Would you like to leave the city?
Lori: “Many parents would like to move out of the city, but we are so happy in town, because you have everything here. You have lots of playgrounds, there are plenty of things to explore with a child, even the nature. It does not take long to be in the Kräherwald or on the youth farm in Botnang, where you can see many animals. I just love it here. For sure it is nice for a child to grow up in a village, but the children will grow and then move out at some point… you as parents are still in the village and then? The only thing that bothers me is that almost all our friends with children move to the countryside, I think it is a shame.”

OH LA LA MAMA: Is Stuttgart child-friendly?
Lori: “Definitely, Stuttgart is great for kids. You have the Neckar river flowing through Stuttgart, the forest very close by, so much to do with children- and you do not have to drive long as you can reach everything quickly by foot or using public transport.”   

OH LA LA MAMA: What is your favorite part of the appartment?
Lori: “I love everything about this appartment, but more than everything I love to sit where I can look out through the kitchen to our terrace. On the balcony I am incredibly happy. Merle likes to be on the sofa or in her room.”   

OH LA LA MAMA: Your favorite item in the apartment?
Flo: “My knives, two Japanese knives that I got not long ago.”
Lori: “Our dining table, Flo chose the plate and I got the table legs.”  

OH LA LA MAMA: What is the most beautiful thing about being a Mom?
Lori: “This endless love that you feel, give and get back. I really love Merle every day more. When I pick her up from the daycare, I’m already in love, it’s just the most beautiful thing, this love. That you have someone with whom you always want to be together and who never annoys you, this unconditional love that you never doubt.”

OH LA LA MAMA: What is the most difficult thing about being a Mom?
Lori: “You have so many roles and you sometimes feel like you can not please everybody. Then you have to say goodbye to the perfectionism and tell yourself, I do everything as well as I can. It is also hard to accept that you can no longer take your time like before you were a mom, because you are always needed.”  

OH LA LA MAMA: Flo, what was the best moment ever since you became a Dad?
Flo: “The birth, which was quite special. At the beginning, with sleep deprivation and the whole new impressions, I could not sleep, it was all so exciting.”  

OH LA LA MAMA: What is the most beautiful thing about being a Dad?
Flo: “You love your partner, but love for your own child is just something special.”  

OH LA LA MAMA: What is the most difficult thing about being a Dad?
Flo: “The family life, I love to boulder, which I would like to do a lot and the family life sometimes takes me another way. In the beginning it was hard for me, I needed my time to get used to it and it annoys me even today sometimes when I can not go bouldering.”  

OH LA LA MAMA: Where do you prefer to buy things for Merle in Stuttgart?
Lori: “For books, the Bauernmarkthalle, the Naseweis, the Augenweide or the Buchstäbchen is highly recommended. The Engelwerk has beautiful things and of course the Motchis.”  

OH LA LA MAMA: What are you missing in Stuttgart?
Lori: “There are simply no children’s cafes in Stuttgart, I really wish there was some.”  

Dear Lori & dear Flo, many thanks for the interview and the insight into your home! All the best for you three!